its not very often that i am inspired by time spent in an airport.

more likely thoughts turn to the uninspired, such as the number of folks who consider pajamas to be appropriate travel wear, or why so many feel compelled to drag their own bed pillow into the germ ridden confines of a 747.  why?

the remodeled terminal 2 at SFO has given me hope that i might never again find myself scowling in the general direction of some blown out flannel drawstring pants paired with an ugg fleece lined slipper.

there are many happy distractions in the new terminal. from the janet echelman net sculptures to the yoga room (although i just had a horrifying thought that the yoga room might be filled with the aforementioned sleep walkers, curled up on mats with their filthy pillows. farting & snoring away in blissful ignorance).  i was most taken with the exhibit of mid-century pottery, Modern Form: Scandinavian Ceramics 1930s–1960s .

the pieces shown are quietly iconic, shapes and glazes that might not be individually recognizable have collectively influenced generations of ceramicists.   and although their styles range from delicate to the hyper organic & almost brutalist, their impact on modern design is undeniable.

berndt friberg

stig lindberg

eva staehr-nielsen

wilhelm kage

axel salto

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