water absorbent/repellant

my trend predictions for 2012: turkish towels & oilskin


while not for everyone they are, in my opinion, where it’s at.

if you can release yourself from the notion that a towel should be the terry cloth equivalent of the lead apron that is heaved upon you during x-rays at the dentist, you might find yourself falling in love with these towels.

i overheard someone refer to them as “very lutheran”. on the contrary, a linen towel wants to comfort & pamper you if you’d let it.

linen towels

lovely to look at

space saving

very quick to dry



it’s kinda everywhere i look these days…

there were loads of oilskin bags at the gift show but this one was a standout.

this tote handmade by the very clever peg & awl, is the perfect mix of old & new with a whole lotta soul stitched into every corner

i was introduced to oilskin jackets, and their constant companion-wellie boots, in the scottish country side so many years ago.

they retained a certain musty, slightly petroleum scent that spoke of rain soaked peaty fields and farm equipment. i was instantly a fan.

loving their latest stateside makeover….at genuine motorworks in brooklyn, this waxed canvas jacket from vanson is a right on alternative to the traditional leather motorcycle jacket. 

i wanted to post their photo of the jacket but the site is currently down, so this will have to do for now. (***update! see photo on right)

wax on…


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